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Welcome to Boaz

The Boaz Project is an inclusive, farm-based charity set up to provide a brighter future for people with learning disabilities.

“Boaz is like one big, happy family. Everyone is made to feel welcome.”

Angie, volunteer

Why You’ll Love Boaz

Growing fruit and veg means working closely with nature.

  • Work on the land
  • Learn new skills
  • Look after animals
  • Meet friends
  • Widen your horizons
  • Have fun!

“There is a lot of sky here, fresh air, fields, new people to meet and real work to do.”

Stuart, manager

The Boaz Project in numbers

4.5 acres

And a barn provided for a peppercorn rent by a local farmer, who is also a trustee of our charity


Members with mild to moderate learning disabilities


Full-time equivalent staff


Unpaid volunteers


Commitment to creating a fun, friendly and safe place where people with and without learning disabilities work and learn together.