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Our Donkeys

Boaz members help look after two donkeys that live on the farm. Their names are ‘Skye’ (who is the mum) and ‘Michael Finnigan’ (the son) . Both are very friendly and love human company. When the weather is nice we sometimes take them for walks around the fields and woods. They really enjoy this! They also help by carrying baskets to collect Blackberries, Apples and Elderflowers.


The donkeys often need grooming which is something else we help with. Some mornings we lead them from their stables to our field where they help keep the grass down. We also use their manure on our vegetable plots. They get very excited (and noisy!) when they hear humans approaching and bray loudly to say hello.



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Boaz current charges:

£23 per half day
(9.30am to 12.30pm)
(1pm to 4pm)
£46 per day
(9.30am to 4pm)

Transport to and from the project is the responsibility of the individual members – some use Dial-a-Ride or other community transport